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Online Trip logs and forms

We serve taxi's, cdl drivers, anyone who needs to log their miles and time. Either one fits all or customized systems.

For management, know where your vehicles are and where they are going.

Get directions as you enter your log entry. We help you enter your data correctly, then email it with an attached pdf Adobe ©PDF (portable document file) and the links to your online realtime information. With search features for locations, names, descriptions, vehicles, administrators, clients, vendors and more! Know you last 8-day hours of service, gas mileage, total miles and more. Use google maps to show where you are, where you have been and where your going. If you choose, let your management and family know where you are as you fill out your log. Give you the option of printing the screen version or the pdf version for a hard copy. No need to worry about your hard drive crashing, it's on the 'cloud'. See a sample report here.


  • Just sign up
  • Click New Trip
  • List your actions and locations during the day or night
  • Change trip status to 'End of Trip', and click "Send to closing"
  • Will auto email with generated 'PDF', with links, and notify phones.

Try the autosuggest feature:

Try the Google map location and directions:

Amarillo BNSF South Yard BNSF Railway Enid, OK. 73701
  • Just sign up
  • Click New Trip
  • List your actions and locations during the day or night
  • When trip is complete, change status to 'End of Trip'. This will display a link "Send to closing"
  • Upon click of the aforementioned "Send to closing", the system will send the email, with pdf attachment, and text their phone.

The four main elements of the ELD Final Rule include: Requiring commercial truck and bus drivers who currently use paper log books to maintain hours-of-service records to adopt ELDs within two years. It is anticipated that approximately three million drivers will be impacted. Strictly prohibiting commercial driver harassment. The Final Rule provides both procedural and technical provisions designed to protect commercial truck and bus drivers from harassment resulting from information generated by ELDs. [A separate FMCSA rulemaking further safeguards commercial drivers from being coerced to violate federal safety regulations and provides the agency with the authority to take enforcement actions not only against motor carriers, but also against shippers, receivers, and transportation intermediaries.] Setting technology specifications detailing performance and design requirements for ELDs so that manufacturers are able to produce compliant devices and systems – and purchasers are enabled to make informed decisions. Establishing new hours-of-service supporting document (shipping documents, fuel purchase receipts, etc.) requirements that will result in additional paperwork reductions. In most cases, a motor carrier would not be required to retain supporting documents verifying on-duty driving time. The ELD Final Rule permits the use of smart phones and other wireless devices as ELDs, so long as they satisfy technical specifications, are certified, and are listed on an FMCSA website. Canadian- and Mexican-domiciled drivers will also be required to use ELDs when operating on U.S. roadways. Motor carriers who have previously installed compliant Automatic On-Board Recording Devices may continue to use the devices for an additional two years beyond the compliance date. A copy of the ELD Final Rule announced today is available at: Further information, including a comprehensive, searchable list of frequently asked questions, and a calendar of upcoming free training webinars, is available - See more at: